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Edgar Ray Killen, Grand Wizard of the KKK - Convicted in ’64 Killings of Rights Workers, Dies at 92

Book Exposing KKK Secrets Attempts to Bridge Racial Divide

Mississippi State Penitentiary, Mississippi, January 11, 2018, 9PM

Edgar Ray Killen, Grand Wizard of KKK & Klansman serving a 60-year prison term for arranging the murders of three young civil rights workers outside Philadelphia, Miss., in 1964, died on Thursday night in prison in Parchman, Miss. He was 92.

Mr. Killen was convicted of state manslaughter charges 41 years later to the day after James Earl Chaney, 21, a black man from Meridian, Miss., and two white Jewish New Yorkers, Andrew Goodman, 20, and Michael Schwerner, 24, after they disappeared in a death trap a gang of his fellow Ku Klux Klansmen. 

A man who shared a prison cell with former Klansman, Edgar Ray Killen, exposes KKK Secrets and attempts to bridge the racial divide in his new book, Killen the KKK.

Written by James Hart Stern, and Autumn K. Robinson, Killen the KKK, is a true and heart-wrenching story of Stern’s journey from the violent streets of South Central Los Angeles to being falsely incarcerated and sharing the prison cell of notorious KKK leader Edgar Ray Killen in Mississippi and out again to freedom.

The book covers the history of race relations in America over the course of more than a half-century and offers new and shocking insight to racial divide provided by Stern’s own personal experience and by the remarkable letters written by the hand of Killen himself. In his book, Stern celebrates and laments a different history – a history of hate, hope and determination and issues a challenge to all readers. Rare unseen letters from Edgar Ray Killen inside book. Published by:

He writes: “There is only one race – The human race. If we are a unified people, then both blacks and whites must begin telling a unified narrative of what has happened throughout our shared history. Let’s tell the whole story. Let’s create a world hand in hand.”

Killen the KKK is available in paperback and Kindle formats on Amazon.

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